Top Ten Benefits of Training Staff

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With a new year upon us, here at ClassMarker we would like to begin the year by focusing on productivity. One of the things that will make your company more productive this year is offering training/refresher Tests to your staff. Studies show that employees who receive training, not only when they are first hired, but those who are also offered training on a continual basis, are much happier, more productive and are secure in knowing they have the knowledge to do their job properly. Let's face it, nobody wants to feel inadequate at their job - this is not beneficial for your employee or your organization.

In order for a business to be successful, investments need to be made. One of the biggest investments, whether your business is small or large, is the investment you will make in training employees and providing them with the correct training based on their job responsibilities. More times than not, training staff is offered to employees when they first begin their job and after that, unfortunately the training tends to stop there, but it shouldn't. Did you know that having staff who are not trained correctly can cost you more money than the costs of training those employees?

Investing in training for your employees also means a lower turn over rate because you do not have to let go of workers who cannot do their job properly, and workers will not leave due to feeling frustrated or unable to perform their duties as required.

Here's an example of the types of exams you can create with ClassMarker:
  • Survey questionnaires
  • Specific job knowledge exams
  • Create team work exams, creativity exams, integrity exams, cognitive ability exams
  • Employee questionnaires - where your staff can anonymously provide you with their responses on suggestions and feedback, as to what training they feel they require
  • Personality testing
  • Job related assessments

The Top Ten Benefits of using ClassMarker for Online Testing:
  1. Quickly and easily create online training assessments specifically for different job positions so that your employees are learning what they need to know to fulfill their specific job duties. Pre-made generic quizzes will not provide the specialized testing that your employees will require, in order to be successful within your company.
  2. Create recruitment Quizzes for potential employees and refresher Tests for your current employees to see where they are and with ClassMarker's advanced statistics you can easily analyze areas that your staff may need more training on.
  3. With ClassMarker, you can also view Overall and Single Question Statistics on-screen or export these to Excel. This is useful for gaining insights on which areas your staff need more training.
  4. Add your training materials into your assessments, allowing your employees to review these training documents prior to taking their employee assessment.
  5. Easily make instant updates to your assessments, testing and training materials.
  6. Give Exams in a specific order. This is great for creating training courses - you provide your training materials and attach them to the test. Your staff will go over the documents you provide, then take the test. Depending on how they do on the Test - you can automatically direct them to the next exam if they pass or have them retake the previous exam if they fail in order to retake it.
  7. Provide Certificates of completion once your workers have finished their training/testing.
  8. Quickly provide Company wide training for all employees.
  9. ClassMarker offers Competitive pricing for your testing with Professional Plans and Credit Packs to suit your testing needs, whether you conduct testing on a regular or casual basis.
  10. ClassMarker has been Grading quizzes since 2006, our wealth of online testing experience has made us an industry leader. We also encourage our customers to provide us with any and all feedback and feature requests which keeps our Development Team constantly working on implementing new features and improvements to ClassMarker.

Don't let the time you have already invested in pre-screening employees and new hire training go to waste by not investing in on-going staff training. Your performance rates will be up, productivity levels higher and the quality of the work performed will be greater.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our customer support team, available 7 days a week.

Happy Testing!

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