Training your staff in 2016

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It's a known fact that when the holiday season comes to an end, many people develop the holiday blues. The motivation and morale of employees tend to be not what it was. With new training and refresher courses, staff will become newly motivated with refreshing their skills to begin their new year. Training staff is a worthwhile investment. Lift your staff's morale this year by providing them with training.

With ClassMarker, you can use our Quiz maker to assess your employees and see what training they need.

The first thing you will want to ensure is that your data is secure. ClassMarker provides a secure testing platform. We are 100% HTTPS. Your privacy and the security of your data is of the outmost importance to us. By default, all your tests and data in ClassMarker are private to your account.

Secondly, you need to think about how you want to provide training to your staff. Would you like to have your employees registered with an account, where they can log in to take all available tests and see all previous tests/results? Maybe you would rather assign tests via links to send in an email or perhaps provide the links on your company website. Or, even embed your white labeled training tests directly into your website with your own company logos and colors. With ClassMarker, we offer various online delivery methods so that you can distribute your business training the way that you require.

Once you have decided how to give your tests, you then need to choose how to set your test up.
ClassMarker offers a variety of online test settings to choose from to fully customize your tests. Some of these settings include test availability, time limit, pass mark and feedback, the emailing of results to admin and test-takers and many more.

Once your tests are given, you can view instant exam results. View these within your admin account, export these to Excel, and/or have results emailed to you upon test completion or integrate with our quiz maker API and Webhooks.

You can then use the results collected for analyzing statistics to determine where further training is required and then create short quizzes to refresh employees. Even view single question results to see an overall view of which questions your employees find the easiest/most difficult.

All employee training can be backed up with certificates of completion which is proven to drive test-takers to further their training. If training is required but not acknowledged, it can become a dreary part of the job. When you however, show an employee that you recognize that they are striving to be an asset within the company - providing them with certificates of achievement can be great incentives. Create custom online quiz certificates that can be set to be automatically given upon test completion or opt to have the 'certificate download link' emailed to the test-taker, along with their results, for downloading at a later time.

Interested in selling your exams online? You can easily charge for your online quizzes with ClassMarker in 3 easy steps - create your test, assign it via a Link and choose your settings, including the price you want to charge.

These are just some of the many online testing features that ClassMarker offers.

Begin the year off right by choosing ClassMarker's advanced online testing system. ClassMarker is an industry leader, grading quizzes since 2006 and tried and trusted by leading organizations world wide.

Happy Testing in 2016!

Register here and start giving online exams today.

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