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How to Give your Online Tests

Once you have created a Test you will need to provide your users access to it. ClassMarker calls this Assigning a Test. There are two options for assigning your Tests:

How to give an online Test flowchart

What's the difference?

Assign to a Group

  • User registration is required.
  • Groups are generally used for testing the same users on regular basis.
  • Registered users log in via the homepage.

With Groups you can:

  • Assign users to multiple Groups.
  • Message users individually.
  • Allow users to set up their own individual username/password to login.

Assign as a Link

  • No User registration required.
  • Links are great for bulk or 'once off' testing.
  • One link for testing all users.

With Links you can:

  • Give public or private access.
  • Send Test link via email.
  • Embed Tests in your website.
  • Brand your Test pages.
  • Restrict access to specific users.
  • Track users from your website.
  • Sell access to your quizzes.
  • Save names, emails, phone, etc.
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Quiz Maker for Embedding Tests

ClassMarker provides a complete online Testing solution whereby you can choose to link directly to quizzes and exams or integrate them seamlessly within your own website for online Testing and assessment. Embedding is straightforward...

Whether you opt to link directly to your Quiz or embed your ClassMarker web-based Test, it can all be white-labeled and students need not know they are taking their exam on ClassMarker.

Embed an online quiz in your website or blog

Blog Tutorials: How to embed exams on your website

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Reopen Exams

If you want to allow a Test Taker access back into their completed exam attempt (to change their answers or give them extra time), you can easily reopen and allow them to resume their exam. ClassMarker will regrade their exam for you again when they finish. Reopen exams as often as you require.

See: Reopen a Finished Exam

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Multiple Languages

The ClassMarker online assessment tool offers a multilingual student interface with language options including; French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean & Arabic for Test takers from non-English speaking backgrounds.

Create quizzes & exams in multiple languages

You can also register Exam Invigilators to help you create quizzes and monitor results.

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Learning Management System (LMS)

Deliver and track users exams and progress. A LMS is required in todays online environment, and ClassMarker can help you with easy quiz making options, and the ability to store and report on your users exam results in real time.

See: LMS Quiz Maker

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Can users take exams anonymously?

Yes, you can require users name and or email, or allow them to take exams anonymously.

Can I give exams anywhere in the world?

Yes, ClassMarker is used globally by thousands of educators and businesses.

How many users can be tested simultaneously?

You can test thousands of users at the same time.

For a full list of FAQs, go to our FAQ page.

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