How to Create Homework Quizzes

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It's that time of year again! Whether students are going back to in-school learning or continuing with remote at-home education, we are back at school! There is one thing that is constant with both, and that is homework!

ClassMarker offers an engaging online quiz platform that is chalked full of options to meet your back-to-school Testing needs!

How to create homework quizzes:

  1. From the Tests page, click on the New Test+ button
  2. Enter Test name
  3. Select a Test category from the drop-down to list your Test under
  4. Click on Start Adding Questions
  5. Choose Fixed questions that always display or Randomly Selected Questions that pull from the question bank to begin adding questions
  6. From the question 'edit' page, choose the question type (multiple-choice, essay, matching, true/false, and more)
  7. Add question and any optional interactive media (audio, video, images, documents)
  8. Add answers within the answer fields
  9. Add feedback (optional) for correct and incorrect answers
  10. Select a question category by choosing an existing category or creating a new one
  11. Set point value
  12. Preview and Save the question
  13. Continue adding questions to your quiz

ClassMarker Tip: You can set up your exams that require Test completion in one sitting and for practice Tests with learning materials for study purposes, use save and resume later. Students can start a Test, save progress and resume at a later time.

Creating online homework exams with ClassMarker is an easy process. Create your quiz, assign it to your students, and then the ClassMarker system will take over to instantly grade school quiz results with 100% grading accuracy, so you do not have to!

For fixed questions that will always display in the Test, you can re-order questions using drag and drop. When you add questions into the Test, these also will go right into the Question Bank (where all your questions are stored)

You can also randomize the order of fixed questions - these will always be the same questions but in a different order each time the Test is taken.

Did we mention that you can also randomize question answers? That's right! With multiple choice questions, answer options can be in a different order each time a Test is taken.

If wanting to create a random selected questions quiz, you will have two options:
  • Select a total number of questions that will be pulled at random from selected categories
  • Select a specific number of questions that will be pulled at random per category

With ClassMarker's back to school quiz maker online, you can make a random set of quiz questions quickly, producing multiple quizzes in no time at all. Each student would receive a different set of questions. If giving numerous attempts, the same student would receive a new Test each time, making randomly selected questions great for creating refresher quizzes.

Did you know? After your students take their Tests, you can then have ClassMarker automatically display the results on-screen immediately, upon Test completion. You can also share quiz results with students by sending results automatically via email immediately or send results emails on a specific date/time you choose.

Another fantastic option is automatically generated certificates! Give certificates for only those that pass or for all users. The choice is entirely up to you! Create customized academic certificates , apply these to your Tests, and users will receive them upon Test completion.

Begin the new school year with a quiz platform that provides an incredible amount of customization options for how you add questions, create your Tests, make certificates, display results, import/export data, what types of interactive content to include...and much more!

ClassMarker is the best online quiz maker for teachers, not only because of all of our customization options but we have been doing this a long time! How long? Since 2006! Most importantly, ClassMarker's top priority is security and privacy of ALL data - yours and your students!

Register Here to begin using ClassMarker today!

Happy Testing!

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