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Free Exam: *2010-2011 HW Quiz #2 Velocity and Speed

Number of Questions in Test: 6
Number of Questions in Preview: 5
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Question 1

The average speed is the same as average velocity for a car that travels 2.0 miles North then goes 2.0 miles South.

Type: True/False
Points: 1

Question 2

A bug is crawling 40cm/min across a 80cm notebook. How long will it take the bug to cross the notebook?

Type: Multiple choice
Points: 1
Randomize answers: Yes

Question 3

A cougar running after young buck goes 40m/s for 3.0s how far does the cougar go?

Type: Free text
Points: 1

Question 4

A bullet goes through the barrel of a gun in .001s. If the barrel of the gun is .20m, what is the average velocity of the bullet going through the gun?

Type: Free text
Points: 1

Question 5

Billy runs to his high school crush Juanita who his 20.0m in front of him in 5.0s. He asks her for a beso but gets a cachetada instead and runs 40.0m back to his Mama in 5.0s. What is Billy's average velocity? Assume forward is positive and back is negative.

Type: Free text
Points: 1

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