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Free Exam: Quiz on pages 123-195 of Swallows of Kabul

Number of Questions in Test: 7
Number of Questions in Preview: 5
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Question 1

What changes does Mohsen begin to exhibit after Zunaira refuses to take off her burqa? Do these changes parallel any other changes that take him over in the book? Why do you think Mohsen starts to change like this?

Type: Essay
Points: 5

Question 2

Whose fault is Mohsen's death - his or his wife's? Why?

Type: Essay
Points: 5

Question 3

What change takes over Atiq when he sees Zunaira's face? Why does this change take place? Is his wife happy or angry at this change? Why?

Type: Essay
Points: 5

Question 4

Zunaira says about Mohsen, "He was marvelous," and, "I'm the one who didn't appreciate my good fortune" (Khadra 155). How does this contradict the way Atiq feels about her husband? What does this say about her reaction to his death?

Type: Essay
Points: 5

Question 5

When Atiq tells Qassim that they should let Zunaira go, Qassim tells him that it is impossible. He tells Atiq that he needs to get a grip, and, at the end of his speech, he says, "After all, she's only a woman" (Khadra 158). Why might the Taliban's rules cause Qassim Abdul Jabbar to feel that she is a liar and a, "mad bitch" (159).

Type: Essay
Points: 5

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