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Free Exam: Form4EndTerm3Paper2

Number of Questions in Test: 8
Number of Questions in Preview: 5
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Question 1

The following question refers to the block diagram of a computer system:
a) Name the component that performs EACH of the following functions:
i) The calculations and logic instructions
ii) Stores programs and data that are currently being used by the CPU
iii) Fetches instructions from memory, decodes them and processes them.
iv) Keeps data and information for future use.

b) Write the name of a component that
i) Contains the Control Unit and the Arithmetic and Logic Unit
ii) Is also known as RAM
iii) Is also called a peripheral device

Type: Essay
Points: 7

Question 2

The table displays a list of input devices and their possible uses. Write down the list of input devices shown, each on a new line and write down its correct use alongside the appropriate device. Currently the table may be displaying incorrect matches.

[b]Device[/b] Task
[b]OMR[/b] Reading magnetic ink characters on a check
[b]Sensor[/b] Reading codes with name and price
[b]MICR[/b] Converting hardcopy into softcopy
[b]Scanner[/b] Marking student multiple-choice
[b]Barcode reader[/b] High temperature turns on fan

For EACH of the devices listed in part (a), state ONE organization where each would MOST likely be used.

Type: Essay
Points: 10

Question 3

Convert the following base 10 numbers to binary:
(a) 20
(b) 100
(c) 50
(d) 1000

Convert the following binary numbers to base 10:
(a) 101
(b) 1001
(c) 101010
(d) 10001001

Type: Essay
Points: 8

Question 4

i) Use pascal to code an algorithm that will find the sum and average of a three integers
a) Allow the user to enter the quantity of values being used
b) Allow the user to input the values
c) Calculate the sum and the average.
(5 marks)

ii) Write an algorithm to perform the following sequence of tasks:

a) Read a number NUM, and a letter LET
b) Add 5 to the number NUM and place the result in ANS
c) If LET is equal to 'A', then subtract 4 from the number NUM and place the result in ANS
d) Print the results of NUM and LET
(5 marks)

Type: Essay
Points: 10

Question 5

i) What is meant by the term algorithm?
(1 mark)

ii) Write an algorithm using psuedocode AND a flowchart to calculate the cost of importing a car. First a tax of 2% of the original cost of the car is added to the cost of the car to give a landing cost. Then, if the car is 5 years or less a transportation tax of 15% of the original cost of the car is charged. If the car is older than 5 years, the transportation tax is 20%. The final cost of importing the car is calculated by adding the transportation tax to the landing cost.
(10 marks)

Type: Essay
Points: 11

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