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Do you have an Employee Education Program set up for your staff?

Having a customized employee education program can be a huge benefit to your company. Continual employee training for staff can mean:

  • Increased employee happiness and satisfaction
  • Increased employee loyalty
  • Increased work efficiency and productivity
  • Increased employee interaction and participation between different departments
  • Increased employee motivation
  • Increased adaptability to change within the company

...and the list goes on. There are many advantages to having a custom employee education program that consists of testing, starting with your recruitment testing right through to administering employee training computer based assessments that can be on-going for the continuation of your staff's employment.

Studies show that almost half of employees that do not receive continuous training end up leaving the company at some point. The reason for this is because they feel like they are not working towards something. Providing employees with training also displays to them that you believe they are worth it because you are investing in them and investing in them in this way also provides them with a greater sense of security that you want them to be a long term employee. With training, your staff will also feel like they are part of the team and not just working for the team.

What types of training/testing can you add into your Employee Education Program?

For potential employees, this can include recruitment testing that include aptitude and personality type tests to determine if they will be a good fit for your company based on their personality and behavior and as well, how they perform intellectually. With recruitment testing, you can quickly determine who will move on to the next step of the hiring process.

Using ClassMarker, you can provide custom feedback to these users that they will see automatically upon test completion to let them know if they are moving forward or not. You can also have this sent to them automatically via email. This will then save you time from trying to keep track of who you need to get in touch with to notify if they are progressing to the next step or not.

Pre-employment Tests to determine out of the ones who have passed the first selection step, who will be working within your organization. Pre-employment Testing usually consists of several Tests to make sure you choose the right person(s). These Tests may include testing on ethics, job preferences, previous work experience and so on.

Not all questions of course when looking for the right applicant can be answered with a simple 'yes' or 'no' answer or by clicking on a multiple choice answer. Along with these question types however, ClassMarker does offer essay questions in which you can use for those questions that do require a candidate to elaborate and provide additional information in their responses.

For on-going employee training, you can create customized Tests to brush up on old policies and new ones, internal company knowledge, assess employee skills to determine where they may need additional training, freshen up on skills trained early on, learn new ones, gain knowledge about new products, etc. Each company is different, as well as the training that they will require for their employees.

Speciality training/Certification Testing may be another option that you offer to your employees. Do you offer this type of training that may require the employee to pay a fee for completing their Certification Tests? With ClassMarker, you can also create employee training tests you charge for.

Within minutes of registering, you will be logged into your administrator account creating online branded Tests that meet the requirements of your company. Not only will you love using ClassMarker, but your employees will too, as they can still maintain their work schedule while continuing with their training because they can do their training from anywhere they happen to be, on any device.

Begin creating your customized online staff training assessments with ClassMarker.

Happy Testing!

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