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It's that time of year again! Are you back-to-school ready?

As the school year begins, educators need a comprehensive, flexible, and customizable online Test maker to assess students' progress and understanding of the material. That's where ClassMarker comes in, providing you with a fully customizable, flexible, professional, advanced, secure, and user-friendly online Testing platform. Once you start using it, you will love it, and so will your students!

Tests are a valuable tool for evaluating student knowledge and identifying areas of improvement. With ClassMarker, you can easily create interactive back-to-school quizzes to boost learning and engagement.

Whether you are Testing student recall abilities or encouraging critical thinking, giving quizzes online will guarantee an interactive and educational experience for your students. So, teachers, get ready - it's time to turn those "dreaded" Tests, quizzes, and exams into a fun yet effective learning tool!

Add in different question types, add video and audio to quiz questions, and include images and documents, all to make your Tests more interactive!

ClassMarker has been the go to quiz maker used globally in both the academic and business communities since 2006 for all Testing requirements, including pop quizzes, practice Tests, pre-Tests at the start of the year, Tests throughout the year, and the final Tests at the end of the school year.

Pre-Tests: Pre-Tests at the beginning of the school year can provide valuable information about students' prior knowledge and identify gaps that may need addressing.

Tests throughout the year: Giving Tests throughout the year can gauge students' understanding of the material and monitor their learning progress. With automatically graded quiz questions, the results of these Tests can provide both the teacher and the students with feedback on their strengths and areas for improvement.

End-of-year Tests: Towards the end of the year, final Tests allow teachers to measure overall progress and understanding of the curriculum, along with determining if students have achieved the learning objectives for the year.

Now, to make online Tests for students, you will also want some pretty cool options for setting these Tests up, and ClassMarker has many excellent features to customize your Tests fully, how you want and need them to be!

Let's look at some of the practical, fantastic, functional, excellent, valuable back to school Test maker features that ClassMarker offers.
  • Test timers
  • Availability dates
  • Allow Test takers to skip and bookmark questions.
  • Display results on-screen upon Test completion and email results automatically
  • Save and resume later so students can start a Test, then save it to continue later and pick up right where they left off.
  • Award customized certificates upon Test completion.
  • Proctor your exams using 3rd party tools like Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, or other Video and Screen sharing tools.
  • Display custom feedback during the Test and upon Test completion.
  • Add your own Test introductions and custom instructions.
  • Give the same questions to all students, randomize the same questions, or pull questions at random from the question bank each time the Test is taken.
  • Turn on/off printing, copying, and pasting options.
  • Create quizzes in multiple languages.
  • Display only what you want on user results pages. Options include percentage, points, results by category, graded questions, feedback and more.
  • Multiple options for viewing results, including the ability to view results within the administrator account, exporting as .csv, emailing of results, and API/Webhook integration options.
  • Partial grading options.
  • Different ways to give your Tests. Add students into Groups where they log in to a Test-taker account or share Tests via Links where no registration is required.
  • Edit Tests, questions, certificates, grades, and settings and have these applied immediately.
  • Compatible with all types of devices and most browsers, no downloads to worry about.
  • Secure, private, and reliable Testing platform
  • Customer support seven days a week
  • Tests can be taken anywhere, anytime.

ClassMarker offers the above options and many more online exam maker features that will save you time and enhance your Tests to keep your students engaged.

Creating Tests for back to school with ClassMarker's online quiz maker for teachers, can contribute to a well-rounded and meaningful educational experience.

Register Here to begin exploring ClassMarker and quiz your way to acing the back to school season.

Happy Testing!

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