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Create a Multiple Choice Survey Online

Wed 30th Jan 2019

Have you noticed that more times then not, on any receipt you get, regardless from where it's from, it has a survey at the bottom of it? It's generally a link to go to a website to complete their online survey. to provide them with your customer feedback. These usually include an incentive such as if you complete the survey, you are entered in a draw, receive a percentage off or perhaps buy one get one free. All we need to do is complete their quick online survey....

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Compare Quiz Maker Tools in 2019

Tue 22nd Jan 2019

Are you new to online Testing? Are you starting off the new year with wanting to fully automate your current way of giving Tests to your employees or students? Or perhaps, you are looking to switch from your current online Testing provider.

ClassMarker has been a leading online Testing provider since 2006, and with a wealth of Testing experience, we thought what better way to start 2019 than to share what we believe to be the features that you should not go without, when choosing the best Quiz Maker Tool for 2019....

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How to Embed exams in

Mon 24th Dec 2018

We are often asked, How to Embed exams in

If you haven't seen ClassMarker before, ClassMarker is a website that allows you to create your own custom quizzes to give online. is a website which allow you to create your own website using a simple DRAG and DROP interface with no HTML experience required.

You can use and embed your ClassMarker exams directly into your WIX website pages. This will allow your Test takers to take your exams without leaving your WIX website....

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Ask Custom Questions before Quizzes are started

Mon 12th Nov 2018

We have added some new options to our Custom Information Questions.

Custom Information Questions allow you to gather information about your Test Takers before they start your exam.

These questions are a great way to gather information such as, Customer leads, Which department they belong to or Which courses they have completed or wish to take, the list goes on. You can also require these Questions are mandatory, to ensure Test Takers do not skip these....

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How to Create Wallet Sized Certificates

Mon 18th Jun 2018

Some jobs require us to have certification. Some clubs require certification. With all of these required certificates, we would need to carry around photo albums! Unless of course you are creating your certificates with ClassMarker because wallet sized certificates have now joined the line up at ClassMarker! We have always offered the option of creating and providing certificates to your users, however now along with portrait and landscape style certificates, creating wallet size and business card certificates is now available as well!...

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Create Certification Tests

Mon 7th May 2018

Online certification Tests can be required for many different reasons. Skills certification, product certification, employee position promotion and so on. Regardless of why you are needing to provide these, one thing is for certain - you need to have a reliable, secure online certification software....

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Restricting Quiz Access with Access Codes

Mon 7th May 2018

Access Codes are unique items included in an Access List which are given out to individuals in order to gain access to something. Typically, this is to gain entry to some type of online platform or access to a product once a purchase has been completed. If you have ever purchased something online or signed up for something, more than likely you were then given some type of code to be provided access....

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Create Your Own Image Quiz

Wed 28th Mar 2018

Images surround us, where ever we go. Most of us don't pay attention to how many images we will come across in a day however, I bet it's more than any of us care to count! We see these, and can instantly process that information in that image.

When making Quizzes and Exams with an image Quiz Maker, Quizzes are not only easier for some to comprehend but they are also more engaging....

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Tips on Making Your Own Quiz

Tue 20th Mar 2018

How can you make your own Quiz online? You can accomplish this by using ClassMarker, the secure and reliable online Quiz platform that has been operating since 2006.

ClassMarker offers the necessary features you will need, along with the options you will want, in order to create your own Quiz....

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Add Custom User Fields to Certificates

Thu 8th Feb 2018

Validate your user's Certificates by adding a unique identifier. Unique ids can be automatically added to each user's Certificate, upon Test completion. Award Certificates for all users who take the Test or for only those who pass (if you have set a pass mark).

Unique identifiers can include Course Codes, Employee IDs, Student Numbers, Serial Numbers, Registration Numbers, License Numbers and more...

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