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Quiz Maker Tool with Save and Resume Later

Thu 29th Dec 2016

Things happen in life, emergencies come up, interruptions are a given at times, computers crash, internet connections are not always at 100% - life happens and sometimes you just need to 'pause' what you are doing in order to tend to something else.

Tests are very important, a lot of time is spent studying for Tests and depending on the length of the Test, a lot of time is also spent taking the Test itself. Nobody wants to take the time to get into a Test only to leave it due to circumstances unseen and not be able to go back to it....

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Create Content Rich Online Tests

Sat 10th Dec 2016

A huge part of the Test creation process is, of course, adding your questions and answers, however, adding content to your Tests can create a whole new experience for your Test-takers. Using visual aids such as images and video can help a user get a better understanding of what they are learning....

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Study Tips for Taking Computer Based Exams

Mon 22nd Aug 2016

ClassMarker is used by both businesses and educators alike, and studying for an exam is no different, be it a student in school or an employee at work.

Previously, back in the days of using pen and paper, the helpful tips would have included things such as make sure you have a working pen or that your pencil is sharpened. Remember those days? Now with online exams being the norm, the tips include things such as making sure your browser is up to date, your battery is charged, etc.

We've put together a few helpful tips for those of you that will be taking an online electronic assessment, also known as an e-assessment....

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Employee Education Programs

Thu 14th Jul 2016

Do you have an Employee Education Program set up for your staff?

Having a customized employee education program can be a huge benefit to your company. Continual employee training for staff can mean:...

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Create a 'Resume Quiz' Link

Mon 11th Jul 2016

There may be times when you will need to reopen a Quiz for a test-taker or have them go back into the Quiz that is in progress. With ClassMarker's quiz maker online, you can create a 'Resume Test' link for Quizzes that are in progress, which will allow the user to pick up right where they had left off....

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Computer-Based Assessment Testing

Thu 23rd Jun 2016

Computer-Based Assessment also known as Computer-Based Testing is the way to deliver Tests securely online with fast, instant and accurate grading. Businesses and Educators alike are moving more away from Paper-Based Testing to Computer-Based Testing. ClassMarker has made this migration easy with our user-friendly system. You can start creating Tests instantly...

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8 Factors of an Online Testing Platform

Thu 26th May 2016

Are you looking to take your tests from paper to online, but you are not sure what to look for? Questions that should immediately come to mind are "Is my data secure?" "Is my account, tests and my user's privacy kept private?" "Will my data remain in my account?" "Will I receive help if needed?" "Will I be able to purchase a package that actually suits my needs?" "Do I still own my content?"

There are a number of crucial questions to consider when deciding what you want in your online testing platform. Let's go over the most important things you need to consider...

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Reopen Completed Exams for Resuming

Fri 29th Apr 2016

There are many reasons that you or your Quiz maker Assistants may want to reopen an exam, once the test-taker has completed it. A test-taker may have had a computer crash, internet connection issue or maybe there's a time limit on the test and for some reason, they could not complete this test in time and you would like to give them additional time. Whatever the reason may be, the question comes to mind "How can I reopen an online test that has been submitted as finished?"...

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How to Import Online Tests between your Accounts

Tue 5th Apr 2016

Many times, organizations prefer separate accounts, privacy reasons between separate departments is a common example. With ClassMarker, you can create and share online tests between accounts, while keeping them private to only those who you give access to.

We have created this guide to show you how you can export the tests you have created in one account and import them directly into another account....

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Quiz Maker with Multiple Administrators

Tue 26th Jan 2016

The Assistants feature allows you to assign multiple administrator roles (Assistants / Exam Invigilators) within your ClassMarker account, with different access permissions that you can set for each Assistant.

You can give your Assistants full permissions or give them specific types of permissions, such as viewing results only, managing tests, categories and the question bank or to create themes only for a designer, or to upgrade your account only for your accounts person....

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