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Create Registration Codes

Registration Codes allow your users to go to and register themselves into your Group with the Registration code you supply each of them.

Instructions for your Test takers

  1. Register at:
  2. Select the 'Test Takers' option
  3. Add your Registration code and details to register.

How to create Registration codes

  1. Go to the Groups section via any of the available links on your Dashboard page.
  2. Select the 'Edit Group' option for the Group you want to register new members into.
  3. On your Group page, expand the 'Add Members' link and select Self Registration.
  4. Select how many new Registration Codes you would like to add to the Group and then select 'Add member registration codes'.
  5. Select 'Print member registration codes' for this Group.
  6. You can now provide these Registration Codes to your users. They will use these codes to login to ClassMarker and take Tests assigned to their Group.
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