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Upload Members to your Group:

  1. Go to the Groups section via any of the available links on your Dashboard page.
  2. Select the 'Members' option for the Group you want to register new members into.
  3. On your Group page, expand the 'Add Members Here' link.
  4. Follow the instructions under 'Enter New Members' and upload your members.

    Please note: Adding your users' email addresses is optional.
  5. You can choose a common password for all new users or leave blank and ClassMarker will create a unique password for each user.

    Choose whether or not to allow ClassMarker to email login details to users and then select the 'Register new users' button.
  6. Congratulations! You have registered your new users. A copy of your users' usernames and passwords will be displayed. Please save these details.
    Your users' usernames and passwords will have also been emailed to your registered email address.

  7. You can now edit your users details and transfer them to additional Groups.
    Learn more about how to Transfer Users.
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